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The latest issue of the Spectator is released today. If you are a subscriber you can view it here. If you have not subscribed, but would like to view this week’s content, you can subscribe online now.

Three articles from the latest issue are available for free online to all website users:

James Forsyth reveals the Tory plans that George Osborne didn’t mention in his speech.

Samir Shah argues that racism that is no longer an issue in the UK

And Rod Liddle says that the electorate prefers its toffs to act with chutzpah

Additionally, all of last week's issue has now been uploaded to the website. Here is a selection of articles from it:

Anders Hultin argues that the profit principle is will be essential if the Swedish voucher system is to be introduced here.

James Delingpole witnesses the horrific murder of his childrens’ guinea pigs.

Alan Judd says that Milton would never have vanquished Satan if he’d owned a Land Rover.

And Sam Leith reviews Michael Slater’s new Dickens biography