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Those Damn Yankees, cont...

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A friend emails me some more George W Bush-New York Yankee parallels:

Blowing 3-0 lead [in the 2004 ALDS] = Squandering of good will after 9/11

Signings of Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright = Nominations of Bernie Kerik and Harriet Miers

A-Rod in October = "Heckuva Job Brownie" during Katrina

Mike Mussina degrading from 6 pitch force to junkballer = Colin Powell

Cheng Ming Wang game 1 starter = $3 trillion debt owned by China

Torre giving playing time to Bernie Williams long after his skills were gone = Bush sticking with Alberto Gonzales

Overmatched Marlins in 2003 = Iraqi insurgency

Firing of Torre = Firing of Shinseki

Do add your own in the comments.

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