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Tim Farron wants competition dropped from the Health Bill

Tim Farron wants competition dropped from the Health Bill
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Will there be further changes to the Health and Social Care Bill? Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron certainly wants some, as he told ITV’s Party People last night:

‘If the new competition introduced through this Bill is removed, then I think it’s better on the books than it is off it… What I want is for the Lords to propose changes that will remove the new competition elements from the Bill and I would like the Government to give way on those things. It's all to play for.’

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And on the Conservative side of the coalition, Earl Howe — health minister in the Lords — sounds a conciliatory note in an interview for the latest issue [] of The House magazine, saying:

‘A lot of the concern is unnecessary and unwarranted, but there are, of course, worries about competition law which we’ve got to sort out, and I believe we can. Shirley Williams has been tremendous in challenging us all along the way — with her immense experience, she’s very well equipped to do that. I see her a lot and I shall hope to talk through her particular concerns on this aspect of the bill… and I hope we can reach an accommodation.’

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‘If we changed or altered the Bill now, we would end up in a no man's land, and chaos.’