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Time to quiz Clegg

Time to quiz Clegg
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Thanks to all the CoffeeHousers who posted questions for Nick Clegg over the past two weeks. Phone lines have now closed, so to speak – and we've picked out the best ten to put to the Lib Dem leader. Here are the winning entries:

“If the Lib Dems hold the balance of power in 2010, which Cabinet portfolios are you after, and who would fill them?” - Peter

“You have made rather anti-government spending noises recently. Is there a figure for spending as a %age of GDP which you would regard as roughly about right – 35/40/45/50%?” - Tim Hedges

“I am a small "l" liberal. Why should I vote for the Lib Dems rather than the Conservatives?” - Syllabub

“Would you and your wife, under any circumstances at all, send either of your two young sons to your local English comprehensive school? Do you know any of your colleagues who do this? Do you know any of your colleagues who do not do this? Is it, like religion, a matter for the individual conscience?” - Fergus Pickering

“What would you do to help those on lower incomes currently facing a massive tax hike when the 10% band rises to 20% next month?” - BluePorcupine

“MPs were already a devalued currency with the public following years of labour spin, expense fraud etc. Would you agree that their stock has diminished even further following the refusal of the government, helped by your party's abstention, to give a referendum on the Lisbon constitution? Can you understand why people are put off politicians by this cynical game of MPs putting party before country?” - Pete

“If there were to be a hung parliament at the next election, would it not make more sense for you as an Orange Book Lib Dem, to align yourself with the Cameroons given their aims on education and the economy? And is the only thing stopping you from doing this the fact that the majority of your MPs Kennedy et al, are far more Labour inclined, if so are you not in the wrong party?” - Nick Kaplan

“Will having an in/out referendum on Europe be in your next manifesto and be a precondition of you joining a coalition government? I only ask because I suspect that this policy was only invented to get you out of your Lisbon promise and you will now discard it. Tell me I am wrong.” - Matthew Turnbull

“You had the courage publically to declare that you are an atheist. How does your secular outlook affect your political views?” - Simon Maynard

Who is your favourite 'Star Wars' character and why?” - Guy Incognito

Expect Clegg's answers early next week. In the meantime, there are CoffeeHouse t-shirts available for the commenters whose questions were chosen. Just get in touch with me on phoskin at, and we'll get them on to you.