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to 2323: alphabetical jigsaw

to 2323: alphabetical jigsaw
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A Ambition, A Aorist, B Battledore, C Caret, C Cashed, C Coact,

C Coalman, C Cuttoes, D Dioxan, D Disaccharides, D Drop,

E Eerie, F Ferrer, G Goering, G Guitars, H Heteros, I Ileum,

I Impanel, I Impecuniosity, I Interrupts, J Jinn, K Kraits, L Lanolin, M Melanesian, M Minim, M Morphemes, N Neurons, N Nonets,

O Optics, P Pots, Q Quince, R Reassessments, R Re-echo, S Seville, S Standing stone, S Sustained, T Toe the line, U U-boat, U Undines, V Vivisect, W Wilted, X Xema, Y Yammer, Z Zenith.

First prize Andrew Vernalls, Thame, Oxon

Runners-up Andreas Fabian, Dunsden, South Oxon; and A. Snelson, Leyburn, Yorkshire