Rod Liddle

To be ‘groomed’ is to gain instant victim status

To be 'groomed' is to gain instant victim status
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A minor point, I suppose, but one worth noting. It was stated on the BBC and in the liberal press that these three girls who have scuttled off to Syria for a spot of beheading and FGM had been 'groomed'  by radical Islamists. A word not used when it is young men who head off to fight for Isis. A word, which in its current – and terribly, terribly overused – meaning immediately confers victim status upon whoever it is who has been 'groomed'.

This was pointed out to me by a chap called John Locke in a debate about the girls on a social media website, and it was a very accurate and prescient observation. I daresay that in the BBC’s next report they will not merely have been 'groomed', but will also have been 'vulnerable'. Words which have been co-opted by the liberal left to mean whatever they want them to mean.