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To vote or not to vote?

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I'd been thinking that I might as well vote today but Chris Dillow makes a pretty good case for not bothering to endorse any of the parties seeking one's support. Also, the Scottish european election campaign has, if anything, been even more of a non-event than it seems to have been elsewhere. That is, the minor party that might do well here is the Greens and they're hardly worth getting worked up about, let alone going out of one's way to vote against.

Not very civic-minded, perhaps. But who truly cares whether the Lib Dems win a european seat or whether Labour holds onto its second?

UPDATE: OK, folks, I did vote. After all, the polling station only required a 250m detour en route to tonight's Twenty20* match** against Melrose.

*This is where the Border League gets its TV money and packed houses. At least 14 people watching tonight...

**We lost by 19 runs.

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