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Today in audio: Tuesday 2nd February

Today in audio: Tuesday 2nd February
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Haven’t had a chance to follow the day’s political events and interviews? Then don’t worry: here, The Spectator, brings you the best of today’s audio clips in one place for you to listen to.

David Cameron gave his reaction following the publication of Donald Tusk's proposals for Britain's renegotiation with the EU. Speaking to a Siemens factory in Chippenham after skipping going to Parliament, the PM told workers:

‘If I could get these terms for British membership, I sure would opt in’

Given the PM's absence in the Commons, it did not take long for Eurosceptics to pile in and attack the draft document. Steve Baker offered the most colourful analogy - saying David Cameron was reduced to 'polishing poo' on his EU deal.

Whilst elsewhere, Dan Hannan said Cameron had given up on 'real reform'.

It was down to David Cameron's old friend Boris Johnson to offer the earliest criticism of the day. Speaking before the draft deal was published, Boris told LBC's Nick Ferrari the terms were not good enough.

But there were some who offered a degree of support to the PM. Nicholas Soames said countries needed to 'pool their sovereignty':

Away from the EU debate and over in the US, Donald Trump conceded defeat in the Iowa caucus. But he said he loved the state so much he was considering splashing out on a farm there: