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Comes from poor Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe's governing party has endorsed Robert Mugabe as its candidate for next year's presidential elections.

The vote by delegates at the Zanu-PF conference in the capital, Harare, allows the 83-year-old president to seek a sixth term in office in March....

Mr Mugabe's selection was by open acclamation and all 10 of Zanu-PF's provincial bodies backed him.

"I did not hear any dissenting voices," John Nkomo, the Zanu-PF chairman said, according to the French news agency.

"It means this congress has fully and unreservedly declared Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe as the presidential candidate for next year's presidential elections."

Killer quote (literally):

"Every one of them matters to me. Can I let them down?" AP news agency quotes Mr Mugabe as saying during his keynote address to delegates before his endorsement.

"No. Their welfare is my welfare. Their suffering is my suffering. I dare not abandon them," he said.

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