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Well, 26 minutes in to the BBC broadcast and, unsurprisingly, no-one has learnt anything useful. I don't believe this exit poll that would, apparently, leave the Lib Dems with fewer seats is at all accurate. In fact I'd say it is bonkers. The fact that the broadcasters won't give us percentages is itself absurd and I also suspect they're applying a meaningless uniform swing to it too. So, worse than bonkers it's also probably useless.

I'm not going to live-blog the whole shenanigans but I shall be tweeting and you can find my feed here.

That said, there'll be some posts popping up here from time to time. As time and other commitments permit.

Mind you, the BBC is now talking to Piers Morgan, Clive Anderson, Ben Kingsley and Bruce Forsyth. Who cares about them and what they think and who thought this could make useful television?

Then again, we're still in the phoney war stage. And will be for hours yet, alas...

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Alex Massie is Scotland Editor of The Spectator. He also writes a column for The Times and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and other publications.

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