Tony Blair spotted fine dining in Burma following his ‘blood money’ Labour donation

Tony Blair spotted fine dining in Burma following his 'blood money' Labour donation
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This week Tony Blair donated £106,000 to the Labour Party, with £1,000 going to each Labour candidate fighting for a target seat. Ed Miliband has since faced flak for accepting the 'blood money' funds, due to unease over the source of the cash given Blair’s dealings with dictatorships such as Kazakhstan.

Not that any of this is worrying Blair. Mr S hears that the former Labour leader has been busy sunning himself in Myanmar, where human rights are regarded as among the worst in the world. Blair, who has an estimated worth of nearly £100 million, was spied fine dining in the country's capital Naypyitaw. When a journalist inquired as to what he was doing there, they were told that he was in Burma for 'private meetings'.

— Andrew RC Marshall (@Journotopia) March 4, 2015

While the mystery remains about exactly what the former Labour leader is up to, Mark Farmaner, director of Burma Campaign UK , expects that it involves PR for Burma's president. He told Coconuts Media that he had written to Blair's office 20 times in a bid to discover what type of advice he is offering to President Thein Sein. 'We assume that as Blair refuses to disclose what he is doing, it involves advising Thein Sein on public relations with the international community,' Farmaner says.