Tories ask Doncaster North to ‘send Ed packing’

Tories ask Doncaster North to 'send Ed packing'
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Ed Miliband may have held his seat in Doncaster North for over 14 years, but the Conservatives seem to think the former Labour leader might be vulnerable this election campaign.

In the 2016 Brexit referendum, 72 per cent of Doncaster North's residents voted Leave, which stands in stark contrast to Miliband's own pro-Remain Brexit stance, and his party's position of backing a second referendum. The Labour candidate clearly feels that his constituents might be annoyed, and even claimed in a leaflet this election campaign that he'd voted 'nine times in parliament' for a Brexit deal – when he actually voted against both Theresa May and Boris Johnson's Brexit proposals.

Now the Conservatives have gone on the offensive. This week, CCHQ have published a series of attack ads in Miliband's Doncaster North seat, pointing out that he voted against Brexit 'at least 40 times'. The ads show Miliband holding a box as if he's been fired from his job, and implore locals to 'Send Ed packing':

The fact that the Tories are producing tailored adverts for a single area does suggest Miliband's constituency might be in play this week. And, according to the analytics company GlobalData, the ads are getting a reasonable amount of traction. The posts have received much more attention than other Conservative online ads that target individual seats, and have received thousands of views.

Mr S wonders if Doncaster North's residents are considering taking the advice...

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