Peter Hoskin

Tory confidence?

Tory confidence?
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Just under two hours to go until polls close, and Tory types around Westminster seem fairly confident that they can snatch a majority.  Their argument remains the same: that a combination of their party's concentrated firepower in the marginals and their motivated voting base will swing it for them.  And their demeanour is slightly more relaxed than you'd expect.  Maybe they're just tired, maybe it's all show – but, in true Catchphrase style, I'm simply saying what I see.

CoffeeHousers seem just as confident, if not more so.  Over in our poll on Spectator Live, 60 percent of you think we'll end up with a Tory majority.  27 percent go for a Tory minority government.  And then we're into fractions for the other options.  All will, as they say, be revealed in several hours time.  We'll be live-blogging this evening's events from 2130 onwards.