Tory leadership: Rory Stewart’s Pinocchio attack line

Tory leadership: Rory Stewart’s Pinocchio attack line
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It’s one day since Theresa May set an exit date for her departure from 10 Downing Street and the leadership contest to replace her is already heating up.

This morning, Rory Stewart - the International Development Secretary - performed a media round in which the Tory MP declared that he would not be able to serve in a Boris Johnson-led government. The reason? BoJo, the current favourite, would explicitly push for a no deal Brexit - something Stewart could not contemplate.

Besides Stewart is planning to run himself. However, he is seen as an outside bet as someone who voted Remain and backs Theresa May’s deal. He has previously hit out at certain Brexiteers for - in his eyes - over-simplifying issues raised by Brexit.

In a bid to suggest that he should not be written off yet, Stewart took to social media to suggest that the ‘star name’ isn’t always he best choice. To make his point, Stewart used the example of Pinocchio - the fictional character whose nose grows for every lie he tells:

‘The star name will not always be the best choice. There may be times when Jiminy Cricket would make a better leader than Pinocchio.’

Who ever could Stewart be referring to?

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