Tory MP on coronavirus: We have contingency plans for a Hyde Park morgue

Tory MP on coronavirus: We have contingency plans for a Hyde Park morgue
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In recent days, the UK government has been criticised for not doing enough to update the public on the potential for a coronavirus outbreak. No. 10’s boycott of the Today programme meant that it was former health secretary Jeremy Hunt who was left to take the slot on Friday rather than a minister.

However, Mr S wonders if there is something to be said for the silent approach after all. Recently elected MP for Cities of London and Westminster Nickie Aiken has spoken to Bloomberg about the prospect of a coronavirus outbreak in the UK. She said that contingency plans were in place to open a morgue in Hyde Park:

‘We have contingency plans to open up a morgue in Hyde Park, in tents. We would run the morgue for most of central London.’

Aiken adds that the outbreak could be ‘horrendous’:

‘I was on the Tube yesterday going to the City, and I was thinking this is a nightmare. In the worst-case scenario, it’s going to be horrendous.’

Given the Prime Minister used a pool clip this afternoon to try and reassure the public, Mr S suspects these were not the government-approved lines to take…

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