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Have Tory MPs reached breaking point?

Have Tory MPs reached breaking point?
Boris Johnson (Credit: Getty images)
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Another day, another scandal. The Simon McDonald letter, which John Connolly writes about here, has escalated the Pincher story. It challenges the entire No. 10 account of what Boris Johnson knew about previous Pincher allegations and when.

The reaction of Tory MPs to this latest development is a combination of exhaustion and despair. One influential Tory MP who voted for Johnson in the no confidence ballot said to me this morning: ‘Please God, make it stop’. There is deep frustration that once again sleaze is dominating the news and that, again, No. 10 is having to keep correcting and changing its story. This MP laments that Boris Johnson’s ‘back catalogue means he can’t have a reset’.

After partygate, Johnson’s allies told Tory MPs that they were sorting out No. 10, that there would be no more self-inflicted wounds. But the same mistakes are again being made and Tory MPs are increasingly losing patience.

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James Forsyth is political editor of The Spectator.

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