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Dan Drezner thinks that the Clintons are probably right to suppose that the press has favoured Barack Obama this year. Still, he says, they probably shouldn't read the UK papers and cites this piece by the Times' Tim Reid which begins:

Seventeen months after she sat regally in her New York living room and calmly declared: “I’m in and I’m in to win,” Hillary Clinton stands on a stage in a stifling hot shed in South Dakota, coughing and spluttering, as her daughter, Chelsea, grabs the microphone from her hand to take over the show.

“A long campaign,” the former First Lady chokes out between sips of water. Her husband, red-faced and exhausted — and having just apologised for another angry outburst in front of reporters — looks on wistfully at the final rally of his wife’s presidential bid, an endeavour that has been transformed from an inevitable juggernaut into a costly train wreck. 

Dan suggests no American paper would carry an intro like this and perhaps they wouldn't. But, then again, isn't everything Tim says here, er, true? Reads pretty well, too...

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