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Trouble Amongst the Birthers

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I confess that I thought Orly Taitz had to be a made-up name. But no, apparently not. The latest tomfoolery exciting the "birther" movement is a transparently fake "birth certificate" purporting to demonstrate that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. As always, the indefatigable Dave Weigel is the go-to fellow for birther-related hilarity.

The new focus on a bogus document from an anonymous source has riven the small community of activists who are trying to prove that Barack Obama cannot be president of the United States...

“If this turns out to be a bad document that she’s posted, I think it gives the non-birthers an argument to say: ‘See, these people don’t know what they’re doing,’” said Philip J. Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who filed the first “eligibility” lawsuit against Obama one year ago this month. “If this document turns out to be a phony, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the non-birthers put it out there.”

Yeah, that would seem the obvious conclusion. After all, the non-birthers have put Obama's phoney "real" documents out there too..

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