Martin Bright

Truesay! A Motto for Our Times

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My friend and colleague Jo Phillips has been roaming the country promoting the must-read book of the forthcoming election. Why Vote? -- which she has co-authored with David Seymour, the former political editor of the Mirror Group, who won't mind me calling him a veteran political commentator.

The book is a jaunty affair, designed to appeal to people who have been put off the political process (so just about everybody). 

I know she has been struck by the general "what have politicians ever done for anyone?" response as she tours the nation. But when she pointed out to one group of young people the benefits that politicians had brought us (universal health provision and education, for example, and the right to vote itself) they were stopped in their tracks. After a pregnant silence, someone shouted out: "Truesay!". 

Truesay indeed. it's the perfect neologism for our times. Perhaps it should be emblazoned across the House of Commons chamber on a huge banner above the Speaker's chair.