Trump vs Macron: the end of the bromance

    Trump vs Macron: the end of the bromance
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    In all great love stories, there are several common elements. There is the exciting encounter, the whirlwind romance, a fight, and then either break-up or happily-ever-after. Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron's relationship has charted a very similar path since they first met in April. But unfortunately for French-American relations, it is increasingly looking like their great bromance is heading for disaster.

    Despite a shaky start when they first met (and a tortuously long handshake) the two presidents surprised everyone when they began to get on famously after Donald Trump went to Paris for Bastille day. The pair bonded over a joint love of military parades, and the French wannabe-Sun King treated Trump like the emperor he longed to be while he visited.

    But soon after their relationship began to fray. At the weekend, they clashed over Macron’s desire to build a European army, and at the centenary celebrations, the French president attacked his American counterpart's nationalism, while Trump snubbed Macron by visiting an American cemetery.

    Now, it looks like the two have finally entered the stage of the painful break-up, with Trump firing several broadsides across the Atlantic attacking France's defeat in the world wars, Macron's approval ratings and French wine tariffs:

    Finally ending by saying 'MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN'

    Mr Steerpike thinks Donald Trump's choice to attack Macron's approval ratings might be a source of rapprochement though. After all, it highlights the common thread that ties the two men together: they both possess very fragile egos.

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