Peter Hoskin

Two polls to please the Tories

Two polls to please the Tories
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There have been two polls today which are worth mentioning belatedly.  The first is YouGov's voting intention poll for Wales, which Anthony Wells has analysed here and here.  It's not often you see a Welsh voting poll - which is a shame - and the results of this one are striking.  Labour are on 34 percent; the Tories are on 31 percent; Plaid Cymru on 15 percent; Lib Dems on 12 percent.  Overall, that's much better news for the Tories than it is for Labour: the last time the Tories scored 31 percent in Wales was in the 1983 election.

The second is the ComRes poll which appeared in today's Independent; not so much for the headline figures (which see the Tories enjoy a 13 point lead), but for the finding that 67 percent of respondents agreed with David Cameron's statement that "the Government has grown too big and needs a major overhaul to make it smaller".  That suggests the line will go down well during the election campaign, while Labour will struggle to counter it.