Ukip’s David Coburn cries BBC bias... over ITV debate

Ukip's David Coburn cries BBC bias... over ITV debate
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Nowadays it's difficult for the BBC to air anything without facing some accusation of bias. As well as the well documented strand of right-wing bias and EU bias, there's now anti-Corbyn bias -- with the BBC's Nick Robinson even accusing his employer of the latter.

Last night things got so bad in the EU debate with David Cameron and Nigel Farage that the Beeb were accused of pro-EU bias once more. Ukip's David Coburn took to Twitter to vent that the 'BBC Knew the questions in advance' and 'chose which audience members speak' so Remain had an easier ride. Alas, the Scottish MEP concludes that 'Cameron still lost despite Aunties best efforts':

Only there's a catch... last night's debate was on ITV, not the BBC.

Mr S suspects Coburn will have to come up with a new back-up excuse for the next time Farage feels the heat.