Ukip’s woes go from bad to worse

Ukip's woes go from bad to worse
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Poor old Ukip. The party is already in dire straits, with its collapsing vote share, lack of funds and a laughing stock for a leader. You might think that things couldn't get any worse for Ukip. But you'd be wrong: the party’s troubles look to have just increased dramatically. Ukip has just been ordered to shell out for part of a £670,000 legal bill brought about as a result of a libel action made by three Labour MPs against Ukip MEP Jane Collins. The court order says:

Ukip is already said to have little left in the bank, with reports that the party could struggle to afford to pay for another leadership contest if Bolton does get the boot. It is not known how much exactly Ukip will have to cough up as a result of this ruling, but Mr S. fears this latest news could well mean curtains for the party...

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