Vince Cable: I welcome people with dark faces

Vince Cable: I welcome people with dark faces
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This morning, new polling by YouGov ahead of the European elections on Thursday put the Brexit Party on top (at 37 per cent) and the Liberal Democrats in second place (on 19 per cent), ahead of Labour. So it was perhaps fitting that as the two new major parties in British politics, it was the Brexit party's Nigel Farage and the Lib Dems' Vince Cable who locked horns this morning in a Telegraph debate.

As the standard-bearer of Remain, Vince Cable had a lot riding on his performance, as he tried to rally Remainers behind his party and combat Farage's desire for a no-deal Brexit. But Mr S has to wonder if Cable's unusual choice of language will really go down well with his Remainer base.

After Nigel Farage praised the Brexit Party's new diverse range of candidates, which he said truly represented modern Britain, Cable accused Farage of whipping up antagonism to foreigners during the 2016 referendum. Cable then went on to establish his own anti-racist credentials, by saying:

'I welcome people with dark faces, I was married to one.'

Watch here:

It could be worse, at least Cable didn't go full-on Change UK and say people had a 'funny tinge'.

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