Vince Cable’s message discipline

Vince Cable's message discipline
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When the Liberal Democrats unveiled their new slogan – 'Demand better' –earlier this month, critics were quick to point out that it might not have the desired effect. One Lib Dem source soon snarked to Mr S that many Lib Dems do want to demand better – at least, of their lacklustre leader Sir Vince Cable.

So with party conference now just weeks away and the prospect of Cable having to stand next to a lectern which reads 'demand better' nearing, it appears Cable may have taken the message to heart. Reports are swirling that the Lib Dem leader will signal next month that he plans to step aside before the next general election. What's more, he will try to change party rules in an attempt to create a mass membership movement and allow a non-MP to take charge.

For the first time in recent history, is an elected politician managing to stay on-message?

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