Rod Liddle

Vince was right

Vince was right
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What exactly was wrong with the Vince Cable’s address to the Lib Dem party conference? It seemed to me measured and enlightened. He suggested that the supposedly free market was often “irrational or rigged”, which is surely uncontentious. And that capitalism militated in favour of monopolies, abhorring free competition. Perfectly reasonable judgment again. And then that the pay of various people in the city, and those bonuses, seemed out of proportion to their talents or the work which they had done. What is wrong with any of that?

Business leaders have reacted patronisingly by saying that Vince shouldn’t talk this sort of stuff, it’s ok if you are some Lib Dem opposition spokesman but beyond the pale for a government minister. But it’s the truth, and no less the truth now that the Lib Dems have formed this unholy alliance and reside in a sort of power. Why is it ok to attack benefit claimants for the amount of money they obtain from the state but not ok to attack the far greater sums filched from the state via our big businesses? Just wondered.