Wanted: a Head of Disputes for Labour

Wanted: a Head of Disputes for Labour
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Have you ever looked at a job advert with a temptingly high salary, and thought to yourself… you’d have to be mad to apply to that. Mr Steerpike suspects many Labour staffers had a similar reaction this week to a job posted on the Labour website.

Labour HQ are on the lookout for a new ‘Head of Disputes,’ and they’re willing to pay over £50,000 to the person mad enough to take it. The new job holder will be responsible for internal disputes, disciplinary affairs and, rather ominously, ‘undertaking investigations as necessary’ within the party. While the job description seems innocuous at first glance, and even vaguely powerful, the toxic blend of politics currently coursing through Labour makes it, quite possibly, the worst job in Westminster.

As well as navigating the ongoing war between Corbynites and moderates, the enforcer will be responsible for sifting through Labour’s many disciplinary cases related to anti-Semitism. The last holder of the job, Christine Shawcroft, was sacked in March for defending an alleged holocaust denier from suspension.

Mr S wouldn't be surprised if the number of applicants is in single figures.