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Wanted: an assistant online editor for The Spectator

Wanted: an assistant online editor for The Spectator
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The Spectator is growing fast. In the last few years, our sales have doubled and are now over 100,000. Most of our readers now turn to our website regularly, some several times a day, for analysis of the day’s events. What started out as a blog has now become a seven-day live digital comment operation and we’re recruiting accordingly. We have come far with a three-person digital team. We’re now looking for a fourth, full-time assistant online editor (to work with us here in 22 Old Queen Street) and also experienced journalists who may be available for shift work, either in the office or remotely.

This is a brand new position in our almost 200-year old company and is as much an analytical role as it is an editorial one, so the ideal candidate will be someone who understands how websites and search engines operate as well as what makes a good article.

We’re looking for someone with (or with the ability to learn) the full range of journalistic skills, both digital and traditional:

  • Edit the homepage to ensure it looks appealing and performs brilliantly — that it is fast, relevant and reflects the breadth of our coverage, from politics to books and arts.
  • Commission, judge and edit copy to the highest standards (as well as check for errors, typos and legal risk).
  • Edit copy and headlines to ensure the discoverability of content on Google and other search engines.
  • Take ownership of site ‘retention’: ensuring the website performs optimally by keeping readers engaged.
  • Keep abreast of what is trending on the news and social media and try and pre-empt what topics will draw interest.
  • Study and absorb the website’s analytics, using the information gathered to help drive content and posting strategy.
  • Work with the social media manager to ensure that the most compelling content is being pushed out across social media platforms at the right moments.
  • Have a knack for headlines and a good eye for photographs, art, cartoons, and digital presentation.

This all requires impeccable attention to detail and an ability to understand online analytics data (which we use to guide, but never dictate, what we do).

We have a no-CV policy and don’t care where (or even whether) you went to university. We don’t care (and don’t ask) about age, etc. The aim at The Spectator is simple: to serve our readers. We’re looking for someone who has: 

  • Knowledge of The Spectator and what readers do (and don’t) expect from us.
  • A good understanding of SEO best practice.
  • A keen interest in current affairs that goes beyond nine to five engagement.
  • A well-developed sense of humour and sense of the absurd.
  • Strong attention to detail and good organisational skills.
  • Versatility, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.
  • Experience in working with Google Analytics and/or other data platforms (desirable).

To apply, please submit this Google Form.