Was it Evgeny Lebedev wot won it?

Was it Evgeny Lebedev wot won it?
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During this election, every newspaper endorsed the party that most of their readers support – with two exceptions. The Independent and the Evening Standard, who have left-leaning readerships, both backed the Tories (in the Indy’s case, the coalition).

A bold decision for the proprietor, Evgeny Lebedev, given that the endorsement divided readers and staff alike. But anyway he had plenty to celebrate on the day after the election: a Tory majority government and his own 35th birthday. Mr S gathers that a lavish party was held, attended by his closest friends: Emma Watson, Monica Lewinsky, Salma Hayek and… none other than David Cameron.

Mr S contacted representatives for both Lebedev and Cameron earlier this week about the event, but both appeared to be lost for words. Piers Morgan has since offered his own account of the soiree in a column for the Mail on Sunday.

In 2010, the Independent ran a billboard advertising campaign with the slogan 'Rupert Murdoch will not decide this general election'. Quite so. This time it was, quite obviously, Evgeny wot won it.