Watch: Andrew Neil’s Holocaust Educational Trust speech on anti-Semitism and the left

Watch: Andrew Neil's Holocaust Educational Trust speech on anti-Semitism and the left
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With the Labour party currently leading in the polls, it's easy to think that the party's problem with anti-Semitism must have been resolved. However, Andrew Neil was on hand this week to remind the public that this is not the case.

In the keynote speech at the Holocaust Education Trust dinner in London, Neil launched an attack on the left for getting away with it 'in the way that the anti-Semitism of the far right is not allowed to get away with it':

'At the Labour Conference, in a fringe meeting, but official enough to be on the official programme of the Labour Party Conference, one person – a chair of the fringe meeting – asked 'We demand the right to debate ‘Holocaust: Yes or No'.

What did he mean, ‘Holocaust: Yes or No?’: ‘Yes or No, it happened?’; ‘Yes or No, it’s a good or bad thing?’; ‘Yes or No, we should have another go at it?’ Why ask ‘Yes or No?’ at a mainstream political party on the Holocaust? And yet he did. And the people involved are still members of the Labour Party.'

The full speech can be viewed below:

Andrew Neil’s speech at the Holocaust Educational Trust Appeal Dinner on Monday 16th October 2017. from Holocaust Educational Trust on Vimeo.