Watch: Corbyn joins Keith Vaz to celebrate ‘Diversity Nite’ comeback

Watch: Corbyn joins Keith Vaz to celebrate 'Diversity Nite' comeback
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After a conspicuous one year absence, Keith Vaz’s 'Diversity Nite' has made a comeback at Labour’s conference. Vaz kept a low profile at last year’s party gathering in the wake of allegations surrounding a pair of rent boys. This year, Vaz's big conference bash - which involves members of the shadow cabinet dancing while Vaz presides on stage - made a return. Behind Vaz flashed up pictures of the likes of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, as guests munched on Leicester's finest Biryanis. On stage, Jeremy Corbyn was presented as the guest of honour by Vaz to chants of 'Oh, Jeremy Corbyn' from the crowd. Here’s a video of Jez’s arrival:

Diane Abbott also joined in the fun. She said her and Vaz had the 'distinction of being the great survivors':

Fellow Corbynista Dawn Butler was there too. As was shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth, who Vaz mistakenly introduced as the shadow home secretary. Given how much the shadow cabinet has changed though, it’s difficult to blame Vaz for his mistake.

This being Diversity Nite, it wasn’t only Corbyinstas joining in the fun. Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol was also warmly welcomed despite being on the receiving end of some stick from those loyal to the Labour leader:

All was forgiven at Vaz’s celebration. Mr S. for one is pleased to see Labour embracing diversity in all its many forms.