Watch: Dennis Skinner heckles Black Rod

Watch: Dennis Skinner heckles Black Rod
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As tradition dictates, at every Queen's Speech and State Opening of Parliament, Black Rod (the House of Lords official) will knock three times on the House of Commons door before entering, and leading MPs to listen to the Queen's speech in the other Chamber.

And every year, like clockwork, the Labour MP Dennis Skinner will heckle the official when she enters the Commons.

As expected, this year was no exception. Although, it seems to Mr S as though the quality of Skinner's 'jokes' are deteriorating quickly. As Black Rod finished her speech in the Chamber this time, and invited MPs to follow her to the Lords, the Beast of Bolsover could be heard shouting something similar to: 'I'm not coming'.

Watch here:

Considering this has been one of the longest parliamentary sessions in history, lasting two years, you would think Skinner would have had enough time to come up with something wittier...

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