Watch: Gavin Williamson’s schools opening gaffe

Watch: Gavin Williamson’s schools opening gaffe
Gavin Williamson (Photo: Parliament TV)
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Oh dear. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has not exactly been at the top of his game in recent weeks. Across the country teachers, children and parents have been thrown into turmoil by the government’s haphazard education plans, which have seen schools open up for a single day, and national exams cancelled, despite the Education Secretary’s insistence they would ‘absolutely’ go ahead.

Still, Mr S hoped that Williamson would at least be clear in his mind about getting schools back open once again. Unfortunately, the minister seemed to rather struggle with that message when in Parliament today. In a statement, Williamson instead insisted that:

‘I can absolutely assure the honourable lady, I will not let schools be open for a moment longer than they…’

Before eventually cottoning on to his mistake.

It's no doubt a relief to Williamson that he won't receive a grade for that performance...