Watch: Geoffrey Cox slams MPs - ‘This Parliament is a disgrace’

Watch: Geoffrey Cox slams MPs - 'This Parliament is a disgrace'
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Geoffrey Cox is not a happy bunny. The Attorney General has just blasted MPs, telling them that Parliament is a 'disgrace'. Here's what he had to say in the Commons:

'This Parliament has declined three times to pass a withdrawal agreement. Then we now have a wide number of this house setting its face against leaving at all. And when this government draws the only logical inference from that position, which is that it must leave therefore without a deal at all. It still sets its face, denying the electorate its say in how this matter should be resolved. This parliament is a dead parliament. It should no longer sit. It has no moral right to sit on these green benches... '

Mr S. finds it difficult to disagree. Cox wasn't finished there though, labelling Labour and Lib Dem MPs too 'cowardly' to stomach an early election. He finished by saying:

'The time is coming when even these turkeys won't be able to prevent Christmas'.

The Attorney General also repeated his claim that there was no point in the current crop of MPs gathering in Westminster:

'What I object to here is that this side of the House (opposition MPs) has repeatedly sought to block...the electorate from having its say, when this parliament is as dead as can be'.

And then he went for former Tory MP Phillip Lee, who defected to the Lib Dems halfway through a speech by Boris Johnson earlier this month. Cox told Lee he should be 'on his knees to his own constituents begging their forgiveness for his betrayal':

Cox came in for some criticism yesterday when it emerged he had advised the Government that proroguing Parliament was legal. It's safe to say he came out fighting in the Commons...

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