Watch: Gove comes unstuck defending Cummings’ road trip

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Dominic Cummings doesn't have a huge number of supporters in the newspapers this morning, but Michael Gove is doing his best to defend the PM's chief aide. Asked by LBC's Nick Ferrari whether he would, like Cummings, go on a sixty-mile trip to test his eyesight, Gove suggested he would do, before abruptly changing tack:

Gove: 'I have on occasions in the past driven with my wife in order to make sure I...what's the right way of putting it?'

Ferrari: 'I'm staggered. I don't know how you're going to get out of this but it's going to be fun.'

Gove: 'I think people who know me would know I'm not an authority on driving...'

Ferrari: 'I merely asked you whether you'd been on a sixty-mile round trip to test your eyesight and you said you had. I mean, why not go to Specsavers?'

Oh dear. Mr S isn't sure he would say yes to a lift from Mr G...

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