Watch: Jeremy Corbyn dodges Brexit question seven times

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn dodges Brexit question seven times
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Jeremy Corbyn said this morning that Brexit was ‘settled’. Now, it seems, he isn’t quite so sure. The Labour leader was quizzed repeatedly on whether the UK would definitely leave the EU behind if he becomes Prime Minister on June 9th. Seven times, Corbyn refused to answer. Instead, Corbyn insisted that he would ‘get a good deal from Europe’ - but wouldn't say what would happen if he didn't. Here’s what he told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg:

LK: ...My question is if you’re prime minister we will leave come hell or high water whatever is on the table at the end of the negotiations?

JC: We win the election we’ll get the good deal with Europe. A good deal with Europe that will ensure that the very large number of manufacturing jobs in Britain that rely on trade with Europe won’t suddenly find themselves under World Trade Organization rules where there’ll be a tariff wall put up immediately around this country.

LK: But on that specific point Jeremy Corbyn few few can predict how the negotiations will go either for Theresa May...

JC: The specific point is we’re negotiating to gain that market access to Europe.

LK: But you won’t say then that we might potentially stay or we might... just to be completely clear because people will want to know this. If you’re prime minister we will leave whatever happens?

JC: People know that there’s been a referendum and a decision was made a year ago…

Corbyn went on to accuse the Tories of adopting a style of ‘megaphone diplomacy’. Mr S thinks that whether that’s true or not at least no one can say a megaphone isn't loud and clear...

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