Watch: Jeremy Corbyn refuses five times to answer Brexit question

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn refuses five times to answer Brexit question
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On the Marr show this morning, Jeremy Corbyn was asked – and refused to say – five times whether he would campaign for Leave or Remain in a second referendum.

Referring to himself in the third person, Corbyn said the only thing Corbyn could reveal was that we would have a close trading relationship with the EU.

Mr S. says that Mr S. thinks this is a bit of a cop out.

Here is a clip of part of the discussion:


Andrew Marr: If you become prime minister, when you become prime minister, do you want this country to leave the EU or not?

Jeremy Corbyn: We're going to put that choice to the British people and they will make that decision. We'll negotiate within three months a credible, sensible option of leave and put that alongside remain in a referendum.

Andrew Marr: I'm asking about your view. You'll be prime minister, you hope. After the election, as prime minister, do you Jeremy Corbyn want us to leave the EU or not?

Jeremy Corbyn: I want a close relationship with the EU in the future, and we will put that decision to the British people and I will abide by that decision. That's the view we've come to in the Labour Party.

Andrew Marr: You want a close relationship with the EU, which implies that we are outside the EU at that point, close but outside, is that what you'd like?

Jeremy Corbyn: A leave option would mean a trade relationship with Europe and it would mean protection of rights. And obviously that includes protection of the Good Friday agreement that would be put alongside remain in a referendum. And my whole strategy has been to try and bring people together on both sides of the argument, because actually there's a great deal that unites them about the inequalities and injustices in this country.

Andrew Marr: I understand the strategy but there are an awful lot of people watching, and they are trying to make up in their minds who they want to be the next Prime Minister of this country. And I am asking you as somebody who seeks that job, a very important job, what your own personal view is about leaving the EU or not. It is the biggest single question facing a lot of people in this country. They have a right to know the answer.

Jeremy Corbyn: It’s one of the biggest questions facing the people of this country.

Andrew Marr: So, what is the answer?

Jeremy Corbyn: The answer is, as I’ve explained to you, that we will negotiate a credible option of leaving, put that alongside remain and the British people will make their minds up on that basis. And we will discuss this obviously when we have concluded those initial negotiations which will start immediately when we take office.

Andrew Marr: So Jeremy Corbyn can’t say I think we should leave the EU or we shouldn’t leave the EU? Or I’d prefer to be in or I’d prefer to be out?

Jeremy Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn can say this: that we have to have a close trading relationship with Europe, we won’t crash out into the arms of Donald Trump, we won’t be doing sweetheart trade deals with the USA and we won’t be wrecking our national health service in the process, as the Prime Minister is planning to do.

Andrew Marr: That is a very persuasive way of not answering my question.

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