Watch: Jeremy Corbyn’s thousand-yard stare

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn's thousand-yard stare
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It's not exactly going to be a fun day at the office for Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader's decision to stay in post until his successor is found means that he retains the position of Leader of the Opposition, and all the responsibilities that entails.

Which means today, not only will Corbyn have to suffer the ignominy of witnessing Boris Johnson form a large majority and conduct his second state opening of Parliament, but (as tradition dictates) he also had to politely walk with the Prime Minister to the House of Lords, to hear the Queen's speech.

And, judging by his reaction, it certainly looks as though Mr Corbyn is not entirely happy with the arrangement, and barely said a word to Boris as they accompanied each other to the Lords:

If this is what 'winning the argument' looks like, Mr S would hate to see what Corbyn looks like after a loss...

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