Watch: Jeremy Corbyn turns nasty over wreath-gate

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn turns nasty over wreath-gate
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Did he or didn’t he? The question, of course, is whether Jeremy Corbyn laid a wreath or not for one of the Munich terrorists. Given the Labour leader’s shifting position on the subject it’s somewhat difficult to keep track. But Corbyn, it seems, has run out of patience with those confused about his wreath-laying antics. Here he is rolling his eyes at a reporter who tried to question him on the subject:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn admits he did lay a wreath at the Tunis ceremony but stresses it was done to mark civilian casualties of the ongoing Middle East conflict @PA

— Rich McCarthy (@VJRichMcCarthy) August 14, 2018

Corbyn: I was there when the wreaths were laid, that’s pretty obvious. There were many others who were witness to that, I witnessed many others laying wreaths.

Reporter: Did you lay the wreath?

Corbyn: I laid one wreath along with many other people in memory of all those who have died in the awful attack in 1985, which, as I keep repeating and you seem not to understand, was condemned by the whole world,

Reporter: There were also graves there for people who were killed in 1992…

Corbyn: Yes, there are other people in that cemetery, as there are indeed in many other cemeteries around the world. But a wreath was laid in memory of those who died.

That clears that up then…