Watch: Jo Swinson’s Brexit referendum muddle

Watch: Jo Swinson's Brexit referendum muddle
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Jo Swinson has said she will never forgive David Cameron for calling the EU referendum in 2016. 'I think so many of the problems that we are facing right now stem from David Cameron’s shocking misjudgement in putting the interests of the Conservative party ahead of the national interest,' the Lib Dem leader told her party's conference in Bournemouth. But Mr S. notes that Swinson hasn't always thought that way about a referendum.

Back in 2008, Swinson told the Commons that she backed “a referendum on the major issue of in or out. It’s on the issue of in or out of Europe”.

Jo Swinson, 2008

— Adam (@adam_heilbron) September 16, 2019

Swinson also took Brussels to task, saying that 'the structures of the EU have often proved cumbersome to say the least, at times even making this House look modern and streamlined by comparison. No easy task.'

Mr S. wonders if the real reason the Lib Dem leader is refusing to forgive Cameron is because he didn’t hold the referendum early enough for her liking...

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