Watch: Jo Swinson taken to task over misleading Lib Dem poll

Watch: Jo Swinson taken to task over misleading Lib Dem poll
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Jacob Rees-Mogg looks like he is in a fight to retain his seat at the snap election. Or so you might think from the Lib Dems' campaign literature, which appears to give the Tory MP a slender six per cent cushion against the Lib Dems. But if you read the small print, the actual question asks participants in the survey to 'imagine that the result in your constituency was going to be very close'. In reality, the Lib Dems picked up just eight per cent of the vote in north east Somerset in 2017, compared to 53.6 per cent support for Rees-Mogg.

Here is Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson being taken to task by Sophy Ridge over the misleading chart:

.@SophyRidgeSky challenges Lib Dem leader @joswinson on some of the party's campaign literature which some have accused of being misleading.

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— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) November 3, 2019

Swinson has previously spoken out against the £350m Brexit bus pledge. Mr S thinks it might be time to get her own numbers in order before she calls out 'fake news' elsewhere...

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