Watch: John McDonnell’s ‘chaotic breakfast’ Brexit gaffe

Watch: John McDonnell's 'chaotic breakfast' Brexit gaffe
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Spare a thought for John McDonnell. The shadow chancellor was up and about early this morning to criticise Theresa May on the airwaves for her stance on Brexit. But while McDonnell was eager to get his message across, Mr S wonders whether he might have forgotten something before he left the house. It seems by the time he got around to delivering his actual speech this morning, it was breakfast, rather than Brexit, which was on his mind. Here's what he said:

'The Government is hurtling towards a chaotic breakfast that will damage our economy and hurt the poorest and most vulnerable most of all.'

Still, at least McDonnell can console himself with the fact that he isn't the first politician to confuse breakfast and Brexit. At the Tory party conference, the Welsh Conservative leader Andrew Davies also mixed up the two, telling delegates that: 'We will make breakfast, Brexit, a success'.