Watch: Justin Trudeau mansplains mankind

Watch: Justin Trudeau mansplains mankind
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Justin Trudeau is no stranger to virtue signalling, but he has surpassed himself with his latest gesture. The Canadian PM was taking part in a Q and A at a university when he took a female* audience member to task.

Her offence? Succumbing to the patriarchy and referring to ‘mankind’. Trudeau interrupted her to mansplain her error:

‘We like to say people kind, not necessarily mankind…’

He wasn’t joking: Justin Trudeau interrupts woman during Q&A when she used the word “mankind.” He recommended that she say “peoplekind” instead.

— Andy C. Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) February 5, 2018

Telling a female the correct word to use... Mr S would consider that mansplaining...


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