Watch: Kate Hoey’s damning verdict on the Independent Group

Watch: Kate Hoey's damning verdict on the Independent Group
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Labour's shift towards a second referendum has not gone down well with the party's MP for Vauxhall. So will Kate Hoey be joining the gang of defectors and throwing her lot in with the Independent Group? Don't bet on it. Hoey said she had no plans to sign up with what she called 'that little rump'. Hoey also told the BBC's Politics Live that the TIGers were 'obsessed about staying in the European Union'. Here is her damning verdict on the new party:

I made it very clear that I was going to be supporting the referendum, even though I was in a Remain seat. Some of the people who have left the party made very clear statements that they would honour the referendum, I've seen them on television. And yet, they've gone against that. So, to start off with – with the kind of new politics – when you are almost being hypocritical because you said at the general election a year after the referendum: we will honour the referendum. Heidi (Allen) said that and so did the others that left, so I wouldn't want to join that little rump, no.

Mr S will take that as a no then...

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