Watch: Labour frontbench spoil the party at May’s final PMQs

Watch: Labour frontbench spoil the party at May's final PMQs
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Theresa May's time at Parliament's despatch box is up. The Prime Minister has just faced her final session of PMQs, finishing off by telling MPs the 'duty' to 'serve my constituents will remain my greatest motivation'. Here is the video of the moment she said goodbye:

Most MPs stood up and applauded the PM as she left the chamber. But Labour's frontbench stayed firmly in their seats. This marks something of a change from the norm. After all, when Tony Blair said goodbye, Tory MPs joined in the standing ovation...

[caption id="attachment_10351572" align="alignnone" width="750"]

Tory MPs join in standing ovation for Tony Blair[/caption]

And when David Cameron stepped down, Labour MPs still managed a round of applause.

[caption id="attachment_10351582" align="alignnone" width="1004"]

Labour MPs clap David Cameron at final PMQs[/caption]

This time around, there was stony silence from the Labour frontbench. Well, Jeremy Corbyn did promise a 'kinder' politics...