Watch: Leave MP kicked out of Sky News interview

Watch: Leave MP kicked out of Sky News interview
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As we get closer to Brexit day in March and the campaigners for a second referendum begin to gain momentum, tensions are starting to run seriously high in the Westminster village. But the most recent spat between two MPs might just be the most remarkable sign yet of how fraught relations have become between Remainers and Leavers.

On Sky News, Labour MP and second referendum supporter Anna Turley locked horns with Conservative MP David TC Davies about the impact no deal Brexit would have on the country's economy.

As the two sparred over which economic forecasts by the Treasury should be taken more seriously, Davies - unable to get a word in - took the unusual step of declaring that he would look at his phone while he waited for Turley to finish.

This led to him being rebuked by presenter Kay Burley for being patronising to his opponent, who promptly kicked him out of the interview. Watch the full thing here:

Mr S will leave it to readers to decide who came off worse during the argument...

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