Watch: Norman Smith’s live BBC broadcast interrupted by Parliament security

Watch: Norman Smith's live BBC broadcast interrupted by Parliament security
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While PMQs took place in the Commons this lunchtime, outside in the Central Lobby a protest could be heard. Disability campaigners  had gathered outside Parliament to protest the benefit cuts in the Budget.

Not that the powers that be want you to hear about the protest. The BBC's Norman Smith was interrupted live on air by a member of Parliament security who told him he was not allowed to film while the protest was taken place:

PS: You're going to have to stop, you can't film with this going on in the background

NS: We're not allowed to film this?

PS: No

NS: Why not?

PS: Because it's part of the rules and conditions of you using this area that you can't film here

While the Commons authorities have a ban on such events being filmed in order to discourage more stunts, Mr S suspects they should let hacks know this before they go live on air if they wish to avoid negative PR in future.

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