Watch: Oliver Letwin called the ‘jobbing prime minister’

Watch: Oliver Letwin called the 'jobbing prime minister'
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This evening MPs voted to take back control, as they backed an amendment tabled by Oliver Letwin to seize control of the parliamentary timetable on Wednesday in order to hold a series of indicative Brexit votes.

And while some in the Chamber were clearly happy to see parliament flex its muscles against the government, others were far less impressed to find Letwin suddenly in charge of the Brexit negotiations.

Shortly after the motion passed which put into place the indicative vote plan, Tory MP David TC Davies stood up say:

'I don't wish to pay tribute to the honourable member for West Dorset [Oliver Letwin], but since he now since to have installed himself as a kind of jobbing prime minister, could you tell me Mr Speaker how it is that we hold him to account in this house?'

Needless to say, Letwin seemed suitably embarrassed about his sudden promotion...

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