Watch out Laura! Corbynistas strengthen ties with Robert Peston

Watch out Laura! Corbynistas strengthen ties with Robert Peston
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Even though Robert Peston has only been in his new job as ITV's political editor for little more than a week, he has already managed to slip-up. On top of experiencing difficulties getting into the ITV building, the former BBC economics editor -- who Marr once described as a man ‘crippled by a sense of his own lack of self-worth’ -- managed to refer to Liz Kendall as 'Liz Corbyn' during one of his first broadcast interviews.

However, should any of his former BBC colleagues struggle to take him seriously, they may now need to reconsider. With relations between Labour and the BBC at an all-time low over accusations of anti-Corbyn bias, ITV look set to cash in on their rival's ongoing feud.

While the Beeb's political editor Laura Kuenssberg is seen as a hate target by Corbynistas -- with the director of communications Seumas Milne even referencing her work in a letter of complaint to the corporation -- Peston has the makings of a Corbyn champion. With the Labour leader's team deciding that ITV are a more 'Corbyn friendly' media outlet than the BBC, Mr S's mole reports that Milne has been overheard discussing the virtues of the broadcaster on the phone -- and making enquiries about Peston's new show.

Should Milne help line up a Corbyn exclusive for Peston's upcoming political programme, it would no doubt work well for both parties. While Milne has made no secret of his issues with the BBC, Peston may too have a personal motive. After all, he was reportedly passed over for Kuenssberg's job as the BBC's political editor. Well, they do say revenge is sweet.