Watch: Philip Davies and Tristram Hunt go to war over the white working class

Watch: Philip Davies and Tristram Hunt go to war over the white working class
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Once upon a time Labour was seen to be the party of the working class while the Conservatives that of the Old Etonians. However, in recent years the Labour party has been accused of losing touch with its working class voters.

So, Mr S was intrigued to see Philip Davies and Tristram Hunt debate one another on the Victoria Derbyshire show. Although the pair were set to talk about Trump's victory, it soon turned into a class war as Davies accused the Labour MP of being a member of the metropolitan elite.

While Hunt claimed Trump was a 'dangerous character' who was 'dangerous to trade because of his views on trade', Davies responded that he was actually most dangerous to the metropolitan elite. He went onto says that the metropolitan elite should stop calling everyone who voted for Brexit or Trump idiots, and instead realise they are 'out of touch with massive parts of our own country':

'There's an awful lot of people in this country -- and clearly in America -- who feel under-represented. They're called white working class people and actually the Labour party that was once set up to represent working class people are now a million miles away from that, they wouldn't recognise a working class person if they tripped over one.'

With Jeremy Corbyn somewhat confused at present over whether Trump is a racist or a man who bears a close resemblance to himself, Mr S suspects the party has work to do when it comes to appealing to the working class voter.

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